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Dors Feline video – Sexy lace lingerie

Last updated: June 12th, 2017

Another fresh week, and the sexy lady does it again in this Dors Feline video today. Well it would be more accurate to say nighttime, but hey. This fine evening the sexy and sizzling hot busty woman aims to show off her superb and hot little night gown to you. This time it’s a white one and it’s quite see through as one might expect. And you will get to see her as she goes about her living room posing while wearing it to tease you as she usually does in her Dors Feline videos. Well, let’s enjoy her show today without further due, shall we?

When the cameras start to roll she makes her entry wearing her little sexy outfit. And straight from the start you can see that this hottie is intent on teasing you and showing off her sexy curves. Well as the mood was just perfect and she was also rather horny she began to also touch herself. So watch as she also masturbates at today. We promised you a nice show and you pretty much got it, so stay tuned for her next ones. And also do check out her past updates everyone. They’re full of her sexy goodness.

Dors Feline – Watch me playing

He there once more guys and gals. Today we are proud to bring you a superb Dors Feline video as promised. If you remember, we said a few Feline nude updates ago that we’d be having one and today is the day that you get to see it. So just sit back and enjoy this superb and special treat. We told you not to miss it as the sexy lady acts extra naughty and enticing for this scene today. And you can bet your money that from now of this busty woman will bring you more of this, but we digress so let’s get back to this week’s scene.

And if you were hoping for pics we’re sorry, but rest assured that from now on we’ll be alternating these videos with pictures in future updates. But before that we’ll bring you one more video next week. This scene has the sexy lady dressed in a sexy black dress and nothing else, and you get to see her tease you one more time with her amazing body. Watch as she caresses and plays with her boobs, and stick around to see the whole video. That’s about it for today, so see you guys next week. Bye bye!

Watch naughty Dors stripping and playing with her boobs!

Naked in the kitchen

Dors comes back this new week with more of her superb scenes. And in this Dors Feline galleries update you get to see this naughty and fiery red head as she gets around to have some solo fun once more, but this time in the kitchen. She wanted to get around to bake something, but it seems that she forgot about all of that when she started to feel horny and just started to undress and act as her usual naughty self. So let’s watch her little sexy kitchen adventure for today as she does one of her classy solo scenes for you.

Like we said, DorsFeline forgot about all the cooking as soon as she started to feel horny. And if there’s one thing that you learned so far about this busty beauty is that when she feels in the mood, there’s nothing stopping her. So let’s just sit back and enjoy her scene. Watch her take off her clothes and pose fully nude around the place as she’s being a little cock tease once more. See her parading and showing off her superb curves today and enjoy the show. As always we hope you liked it and you can be sure to return next week for more. If you liked this cutie visit website and enjoy watching another busty babe massaging her huge tits!


Watch busty Dors playing with herself in the kitchen!

Another boring afternoon

Well your busty and curvy little porn star returns today with some more of her Dors Feline galleries, and as usual you get to enjoy them first. Today the sexy and hot miss Feline was getting rather bored once more, and she had to do something to pass the time. Well since there was a gallery update due for this week, she decided that it would be the perfect pass time today as she felt a bit horny and in the mood as well. So today she decided to have the photo shoot while she plays with her amazingly hot body just like in farangdingdong galleries. You know that DorsFeline never disappoints so let’s see what she brings you today for this update.


As the cameras start to roll, you can see that sexy miss Feline is intending to use her living room as her set today. And for her sexy outfit? She was dressed in a black tank top with cleavage, that well…Let’s just say it offered allot of it. And a pair of pink sexy panties. She begins doing her usual hot and sexy teasing session to set the mood and get you interested, and then she starts to strip out of her clothes. And when sexy Dors is all naked, then you know it’s time for the good stuff to begin. Watch her as all naked she begins to play with her big and juicy boobs just for your entertainment today. As usual, see you next week. Bye bye everyone!

See horny Dors striping and playing with her huge boobs!

Dors Feline – Naughty in red

Again we come back with some more hot and sexy Dors Feline galleries for you to see. And it’s another quick little update for this week, but just as hot as the rest of them. Today Dors decided that she’d want to show off her sexy little red outfit and you’d get to watch her wear it here for the first time. This red outfit looks great on her huge breasts! Well we can only say that there’s no surprise she can make as she always looks sexy with anything she wears.

The outfit itself was a small top that barely managed to cover up her big and round natural boobs, and a small mini dress, both of a fiery red color. And she didn’t even bother to use a proper setting. She just went ahead or her shoot and got naughty on the floor today. So watch her pleasing herself at right there on the floor today.


Watch sexy Dors stripping and masturbating on the floor!

Come play with me in bed

Another fresh week and time for some more sexy and hot Dors Feline pics to be shown off to you guys today. This fine day Feline has a nice and hot special treat in mind for you guys. She wants to take you in her bed for a little bit more of an intimate little scene this time. Well you have to give her props for trying out new stuff, so be sure to send feedback on your opinion about this type of scene as she;d very much like to hear it. But let’s get back on track and see what she had in mind in this super hot scene today.


As the scene starts off, you can see Dors as she wears just a sexy red night gown and she is already waiting for you to join her in bed. If nothing else she wants you to get that feeling that you’d be in for one wild night with her tonight. So just sit back and watch her show for this day. Oh and you can bet that you get the special treatment just as you’d be right besides her as she starts to undress revealing her big natural tits to you. Be sure to check her past updates as well everyone. You will love them. And don’t miss her future updates as she’ll have some videos soon. Also you might check out the blog and enjoy watching another hot and busty babe playing with her huge natural tits in front of the video camera. Enjoy!

Enjoy watching sexy Dors playing with her huge naturals!

DorsFeline – Sexy bikini and tiny bra

Today was a really hot day. And with this miss DorsFeline seems to have found the perfect way to relax, cool off and also do her photo shoot for today. She decided that the best way to accomplish all of these perquisites is to head to the beach side with the camera crew following her. Well naturally everyone rejoiced as the day was just perfect for that, and also because we’d get to see Feline wearing some of her super sexy and kinky outfits. And we were right. She decided to go for a small sliver bra to cover her tits.

Well she wanted to go for the thong as well, but sadly the place has a policy about revealing too much, and even because of her bra she might get in trouble, but this sexy lady didn’t care. She just wanted allot to at least be able to show off her incredible sexy tits for this Dors Feline galleries today. Watch her as she gets underneath a public little shower and watch her as she gets all wet, with the water dripping all over her superb and sexy body. So enjoy it guys and be sure that you come back next week for more of her sexy galleries, and until then check out and have a great time watching busty Kelly Madison revealing her huge melons.


See busty Dors getting her tits squeezed in that tiny bra!

Dors Feline – Horny in the morning

This new week, we have fresh Dors Feline pics to show off to you and as always they are smoking hot. This is a rather quick update, but by no means should you thing that its bad. Oh no, even if her photo shoot didn’t last long for this scene, she wanted to to a superb job. So watch as miss Dors treats you to more of her nude posing sessions today as she presents her early morning routine! For similar galleries come inside website and have fun watching other busty babes getting naked in front of the video camera for you!


DorsFeline wanted this little update to serve as a little show off of how her morning usually goes. But as usual it transformed in one of her classy and sexy solo strip tease sessions. Well either way, you guys get to sit back and enjoy her flaunting her amazing curves in our face today. So enjoy her scene for today guys and do come back next time for some more of her superb galleries.

Watch hot Dors stripping and playing with her big boobs!

Naughty latex mistress

Hello there once more everyone. Today as we said we have some more Dors Feline pics and you can bet that they’re hotter than ever, just like in farang ding dong galleries. This time miss Feline has gotten her dirty little hands on a nice and sexy latex outfit and she wants to wear it today for you guys in this scene. Oh and did we mention that she made a very unsought of pairing of clothes? She wore a superbly small and sexy bikini underneath all of her latex clothes. Oh don’t worry, you will get to see that too. Don’t you remember what this sexy little cutie likes to do? Well exactly she’s going to be doing another strip show and you’ll get to see that bikini too.

When the cameras start to roll this sexy woman wastes no time in getting naked at , and as you’ll see she did a wonderful job at teasing once more. You can see her sitting at her desk and browsing the net on her laptop all dressed in her outfit. But as soon as she realizes that you guys are quietly watching her she begins her routine. Watch her taking off that superb latex outfit to present you with her sexy red bikini underneath. And also watch her remove that too. Because as you know, this red headed cutie just has to show off her amazing body as much as she can to everyone. Enjoy it and see you next time with some more of the sexy Dors everyone!


Have fun watching sexy Dors taking off her latex suit!

Dors Feline – Watch me playing

Hey there guys, today your sexy and busty red head brings you some more Dors Feline galleries of herself as she gets to do what she knows how to do best. And namely to tease you with her amazing body and slutty little outfits. This scene has her wearing another sexy and hot dress and as last time she’s going to be taking it off to show you her body and her huge tits once more. And you know that you’ll be in for a good time with this superb little woman. that being said, let’s sit back and get her sexy show started without further due!


The color for DorsFeline ‘s sexy dress today was a dark grey and she looked super sexy again wearing it. As she beings to pose and tease, you can see that this time she wants to outdo herself. And well, we can pretty much say that she did that. Again she starts to undress but this time more slowly as she wants you to get to enjoy her beautiful and big breasts before she reveals more. So watch her as she undresses and poses naked once more for your entertainment everyone. See you next week with some more galleries!

Check out naughty Dors getting naked and posing nude!

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