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DorsFeline – Sexy bikini and tiny bra

Today was a really hot day. And with this miss DorsFeline seems to have found the perfect way to relax, cool off and also do her photo shoot for today. She decided that the best way to accomplish all of these perquisites is to head to the beach side with the camera crew following her. Well naturally everyone rejoiced as the day was just perfect for that, and also because we’d get to see Feline wearing some of her super sexy and kinky outfits. And we were right. She decided to go for a small sliver bra to cover her tits.

Well she wanted to go for the thong as well, but sadly the place has a policy about revealing too much, and even because of her bra she might get in trouble, but this sexy lady didn’t care. She just wanted allot to at least be able to show off her incredible sexy tits for this Dors Feline galleries today. Watch her as she gets underneath a public little shower and watch her as she gets all wet, with the water dripping all over her superb and sexy body. So enjoy it guys and be sure that you come back next week for more of her sexy galleries, and until then check out and have a great time watching busty Kelly Madison revealing her huge melons.


See busty Dors getting her tits squeezed in that tiny bra!